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Chapter 57 The Mate Dream

  • She returned every kiss with equal demand from him, digging her fingers into his hair as his lips moved down her neck.
  • She gasped and tilted her neck to the side to give him more access to assault her senses. The sensation pulling below her legs was more than she could imagine, and right here, right now, she wanted to explore it. When his lips moved towards her cleavage, she couldn't stop the moan that escaped her lips.
  • “Alonzo,” she purred, grabbing onto his head and holding him tighter.
  • “I warned you, Kittie cat,” he whirled around and slammed her against the bed, standing up to appraise her with his now darkened eyes. She watched him flip off his belt while watching her reaction. She was flushed, and her milky skin was glistening with sweat under the low light. He sucked her neck and gave her a hickey. Oh, how she wanted to have his mark embedded under her supple skin so that anyone could see that she was his!
  • Alyona, who was still reeling from the kiss, lowered her foggy head, craving for him to hurry before she recovered and wanted to end this. He was everything she had ever dreamt of in a man; hot, dominant, and devilish! __All in one man. And she wanted to explore it! God help she didn't get burnt in this. Alonzo was the kind of man parents warned their children against, yet she was not heeding the voice inside telling her to run.
  • Pulling off the belt, his trouser followed next, and then the shirt, which he flung in an unknown direction, leaving him only in his briefs. He stalked closer like a giant Panther, his rippling biceps flexing with each gentle movement.
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