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Chapter 52 Shapeshift

  • "Enough, can't you tell that it's not working, please," said Agent Fox, gasping for breath. He was holding up his hand in surrender while lying on the ground. "Can't your father just roar or do whatever he did back then to cause me to transform?"
  • "You need to learn to transform on your own!" said Antonio, kicking Agent Fox. "You are not getting angry enough!"
  • Agent Fox groaned in pain and replied, "I can't get angry knowing you're trying to get me angry."
  • "Do you want to die?" Antonio said. "You heard him right, didn't you? If you cannot shift on your own by tonight, he'll think he made a mistake picking you, and he'll kill you himself. Do you think I enjoy kicking your ass around like a football?"
  • "Why me?" Agent Fox said, groaning.
  • "Does it matter?" Antonio asked, turning his back on the agent. "Let's take a break."
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