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Chapter 51 Free and Fair

  • Vova Antonov, Fedorov Volkov, Romanov Belarus,
  • Leonid Kuznetsov, Alexider Abramov.
  • These were the five names on Alyona's list, and beside each character was a mobile number. The AI could time travel backward to fetch those names and mobile numbers from the video footage of the hidden camera in Alyona's bedroom. 
  • The video resolution was so high that when zoomed in, the fidelity of the video was preserved. Effortlessly the AI read the text on the paper. After the AI performed a robust search of the registered phone numbers beside the names, it came up with the owner's identities. 
  • They were all members of the Makarov family. Hacking into their phones was relatively easy for the AI to perform after locating the men. It didn't matter now if Alyona went out of sight to make her calls.
  • Later that day, Alyona followed Lady Tanya to the supermarket to get a few items. She was alone in another section doing her shopping. She set down the basket load of things, and she took out her phone and paper to make the call. 
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