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Chapter 50 The Act

  • "Nestor is dead."
  • Alyona seemed to brim with fire and limestone. Alonzo wondered if he had made a mistake telling her the man who helped her escape death was dead. He could sense her pain and emotional distress.
  • "Aww, come on, give me a break! Why's everyone connected to me dying? Tell me, Alonzo, who's next? You? Pico? For fuck sake! Fuck!"
  • "We are predators," said Alonzo. "As long as I live, baby, we won't ever be bruised. We will always attack first, and that's why none of us will die. They can try to come at me, Pico or Mazza, but we will always see them coming and crush them first. And baby, know this; we will be glad to defend you with our lives."
  • Alonzo had taken the words out of context from an old religious book he had read as a child. Crushing his adversary could allude to the curse in the Bible when God cursed Eve and the snake that deceived her. 
  • God had condemned the woman's seed and the snake by putting enmity between them. The snake was to bruise her seed heels, and her seed was to crush the snake's head. Alonzo had vowed to permanently crush the snake's head, in this case, his enemies, before they could bruise him.
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