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Chapter 49 The Lies of A Deal

  • "Several years ago, we were in Costa Rica to see some of its volcanoes," Mariyanna recounted from memory. "There was more to that visit. My father had one of his men thrown into a volcano for pissing him off."
  • "As children, we expected the man to climb out soon. Later, when we asked, we were told that there was some outgassing from the volcano, which often happens without an eruption, and that the man had been asphyxiated from the gasses.
  • "Alyona couldn't pull herself together, and our father called her weak and useless. He said she was undeserving of the Makarov name. Gentlemen, Alyona spent the rest of her life trying to earn my father's acceptance since that day." She continued.
  • "Naturally, I had more guts than her, so my father loved me more. It caused a family feud for years, and my mother wanted to leave with Alyona, but she would rather stay and become the ruthless woman my father wanted her to be. She grew even more ruthless than I am, but I think our father just had a problem loving her."
  • "Could that be the reason she disappeared?" Piccolo asked.
  • "Well, I don't know why she left precisely, but it won't take Einstein to figure out that was part of the reason!" Mariyanna said coherently.
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