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Chapter 46 Death

  • Mariyanna passionately said, "I have reason to believe that Agent Fox could be having an affair with Olga; come on, we both know men are ambitious. She could have used several things to rope him in. 
  • Maybe Olga might've even promised him a higher status in the family. Perhaps they are planning a coup to have us taken out."
  • "Plausible," said Alonzo. "About the other assassination attempt, I think it's the same guy that tried to poison Alyona at the casino when she arrived in Russia. He has been tracking her from Italy."
  • "That further strengthens my theory then," Mariyanna said. 
  • "Hmm, but it still doesn't explain why you'll pretend about not knowing who your sister was."
  • "Very well then, I hope this dispels the thought of me having ulterior motives; I chose to act ignorant about my sister because I thought it would be better if she didn't know that her dad and lover were both murdered at your hands."
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