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Chapter 45 The conceded

  • Taleela sat in bed, tears pouring down her cheeks like a waterfall. By her right-hand side, a laptop was in standby mode, and its light was blinking steadily and intermittently. She took it, lifted the screen, and the computer became active. She put on a sad song that drowned the muffled sobs that escaped from her mouth. 
  • Her body was trembling at the thought that her father was gone. She had a deeper connection with the man than anyone else. She also felt brokenhearted about Dimitri's death too.
  • Alonzo had his back against the wall just outside their bedroom door. He could hear his mate sobbing, and he felt all of her emotions. 
  • Alonzo could tell that she was grieving, and it became apparent that she recalled her old man but was lying. He wondered if he should come back, but his body acted independently, and he found himself pushing the door open. Taleela responded by quickly wiping away her tears.
  • "Hey, Taleela, what's wrong, honey?" Alonzo said, gulping his guilt.
  • "Nothing, I'm fine-"
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