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Chapter 44 Outsmarted the truth

  • "I didn't know when I sent Vladimir to murder Ivan that he was your father," Alonso said after a lengthy explanation. "I'm so sorry, Taleela; please forgive me, but that mission cost us a deep sense of loss, more for you than for me."
  • "Wait," Taleela said. "I don't remember, but you're telling me that you killed my father. You believe that I'm Ivan's missing daughter."
  • "That's right," he admitted.
  • "Well, even if all that was true, I can't possibly forgive you for what I don't remember. Besides, I wonder what kind of father he was anyways. Perhaps he was a bad one, which could have been why I went missing in the first place."
  • Alonso didn't know what Ivan's relationship was like with his children, but he doubted that he was the kind of father that would do something to make his child go missing.
  • "I'm so sorry," Alonso repeated.
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