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Chapter 43 Listen

  • Nestor was gone, and Alyona sincerely wished that she could fall asleep. She spent the rest of the night trying to uncover one mystery after another. Finally, an hour before the first light appeared in the Russian sky; she fell asleep.
  • There was a knock on the door, and Nestor appeared once again before her. Alyona felt like the morning came too soon, but she felt a bit rejuvenated.
  • "Princess, it's time to get you out of here."
  • "Sure, let's go."
  • Nestor was shocked at how Alyona looked ready to take on the world the next minute, though. Still, if anyone could set aside their emotions and act from a logical perspective, then Alyona qualified a great deal. 
  • He swore silently to do all he could for her and make sure she would become Don as her father wished. He didn't want Don's children to fight, but if it came to that, his loyalty was steadfast to Alyona. He didn't hate Mariyanna, but she was an unfit leader.
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