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Chapter 36 Werewolves existence

  • Agent Fox's face was horror-stricken when he saw Jamie land on top of his car bonnet as if he had just dropped from the sky like a falling snowflake. Jamie landed on all fours, causing the bonnet to compress and the windshield to crack.
  • Agent Fox quickly responded by pulling out a gun from under his seat and shooting at Jamie. The bullet shattered the windshield and caught Jamie in the chest, but before he could pull the trigger a second time, Jamie had vanished.
  • Agent Fox barely had time to organize his line of thoughts. He was unable to understand how Jamie was still alive. Rather than remain in the car, Fox came out cautiously, aiming his Glock in every direction. He spun around suddenly, thinking he heard someone breathing behind him, and as the agent did, he felt a powerful hand yank the gun from him.
  • The masculine figure that had succeeded in disarming him palmed him with his other hand, and he flew as if a car had just collided with him. Jamie caught the agent as Laslow palmed the man in his direction.
  • "Why do you want Taleela dead?" Jamie said to the agent as he had him pinned to himself.
  • "How about you tell me how the hell you are still alive and who your buddy over there is?" retorted agent Fox. He was struggling to break free from Jamie's grip.
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