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Chapter 31 Aborted Mission

  • It is a general assumption that when the pain becomes too much to bear, people shut off emotionally because the pain in itself is an emotion. Lucian Oriano went to work frozen with no emotion. His gaze shifted skyward and fell on the Dorado Chemicals, the sign above reading.
  • He did not feel anything towards the company. Some of his Workers tried sympathizing with him, but he did not say a word back to anyone. He had a ghostly appearance. Everyone was amazed at how his skin had become pale and his eyes sunken.
  • He further ignored two of his female workers, Claudia and Bonnie, who had tried to sympathize with him right at the entrance. He watched them as they left, looking dejected.
  • He did not care if he had hurt anyone's feelings. He did not care that those two had been devoted to working for his company for over six years. He listened to their conversation as they walked to the elevator doors.
  • "Damn, I feel very sorry for him," said a female worker to another.
  • "Yeah, I feel so too, but a man gotta chest his losses and move on with his life!" the other woman replied.
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