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Chapter 29 clear stir

  • Taleela made an extra effort to begin a conversation with Alonso, who sat bare-chested on the bed. In his presence, she became self-conscious and was unable to say anything for a while, just because of the way he made her feel shy or nervous.
  • She rested her weight on the wall beside a study desk. Her nose picked up the distinctive smells of coffee, old books and his cologne. Music was playing softly from within the walls. The room looked impeccable and well furnished. She looked at the wolf painting that hung on the wall. That night, it had been different, he had asked her to strip.
  • "You said you wanted to talk," Alonso said, making Taleela's toes curl in response.
  • "Yes," she replied, blinking rapidly and finding her voice. "I wanted to ask you about what happened and how Eureka died."
  • "Eureka took a bullet for me," Alonso said and it made Taleela feel a little jealous because she thought he was saying it with prideful tone.
  • "How did it happen?" she asked, managing to restrain the negative emotion.
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