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Chapter 20 Pitfall conspiracy

  • Dorado chemicals where Eureka Oriano had been all along. She was mainly focused on work for the past few days. Chemical Zeta has kept getting lots of attention since it rolled out. She had warned her father not to be too forward, but he had not listened to her.
  • Lucian Oriano had made an early announcement that La Corporation De Sina would trademark chemical Zeta. Then after it went into the market, there had been solid hateful comments about Chemical Zeta because it did not have the promised trademark.
  • Then it did not stop there, and some even went as far as to call his company fake. When asked if it was confirmed that Chemical Zeta did not get the La Cooperation De Sina trademark because it was a fake chemical, he got angry. He replied that La Corporation De Sina was outdated and is living in past glory. Within a matter of days, angry customers of La Corporation De Sina came to stone him and his company with their shit chemical. Thankfully, it was Chemical Zeta.
  • "Miss Eureka, this is a major pitfall for even a big company like Dorado chemicals," said a female news interviewer. "How do you feel after that stunning advertisement you did for chemical Zeta just to see it pulled out of the market in just one week of its release?"
  • "I'm not going to lie, and I feel terrible!" Eureka said as if she was talking to Alonso himself.
  • "Okay, and how are you feeling now when people refer to that advertising you did as the only good thing done by your company?"
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