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Chapter 16 Memoryish

  • Last night, Taleela drank in the same bar that Bianco had just walked into. Vincenzo and several soldiers prevented outsiders from coming in even though none of them were heavy. They either asked them to go to another bar or wait at any place within a hundred meters away until their business here was done.
  • Matteo, the bar owner, came out from his office. He knew pretty well who Bianco was and why he was here.
  • "Hmm, Matteo," Bianco said tersely. "I've told you to come and see the Don in charge and pay your protection rackets, but you've refused; why?"
  • Bianco was talking about the protection rackets qdemanded from business owners to protect their businesses and from criminals who threatened them. In the real sense, it was just protection from the Mafias themselves because they were the criminals in most cases.
  • "Look, I got nothing to pay to anybody," Matteo answered rather defiantly. "I don't know who you think you are, but I don't pay anybody to protect me. The police are there to do that."
  • "The police, huh?" Bianco asked, raising a brow in Inquisition.
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