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Chapter 14 Ball Disputes

  • Taleela thought she had heard somebody knocking on the door, and she looked at it without bulging a muscle in an attempt to know for sure. She was putting on an earpiece and making a few sketches on her drawing pad. The knock grew louder, and she took out the earpiece, surprised to hear Mazza calling her name.
  • "Taleela," said Mazza for the umpteenth time as he continued knocking on her door. "It's me, Mazza; open up. I know you're in there. Taleela!"
  • She unlocked the door quickly and said, "Mazza, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you because I had my earpiece on."
  • He entered and sat on her desk. "Sure, sorry about earlier. You need to understand that Eureka has been in Alonso's life for a long time, and she feels threatened by your presence. That's why she is acting up."
  • "You never told me that he had someone in his life Mazza," Taleela said calmly. "You said that he would be interested in me and that he is single. Mazza, I don't mind being a maid, and you should treat me as one instead of making me feel brawled about my position in the Marcovic family. Am I a maid or your grandson's future lover, like you put it?"
  • Mazza cleared his throat, and inside he was struggling with the weight of uncertainty as he clearly could not explain to Taleela why he was confident that Alonso would fall in love with her. Well, almost inevitable, ninety-nine percent sure to be exact, and it was because she was his mate.
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