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Chapter 13 The Catfight

  • Taleela insisted that she was okay. She told Mazza that she need not see a doctor, but Mazza would not be talked out of it. She was having a slight increase in her body temperature and was feeling a headache.
  • Lady Tanya felt sick, too, and that escalated Mazza's anxiety. Tanya said she only needed rest, but he did not believe her either. So, then Mazza called for the family doctor, Eren Moreland, to come and check up on them, despite their protest.
  • They were waiting for him in the living room. Taleela watched a show on the ultra-slim, gigantic, flat-screen television.
  • "Why isn't he here already?" Mazza said, sounding so worried. "He is always on time, so what's happening now?"
  • "Hmm, maybe he got stuck in traffic," Taleela suggested.
  • "Then why isn't he answering his calls anymore?" Mazza said, calling Eren's number.
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