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Chapter 11 Consigliere

  • Consigliere Emilio, otherwise known by his Russian alias name Vladimir was flown in a private jet into Italy in the wee hours of the night. He had been dead for longer than a few hours, and his body lay resting inside a golden casket. His burial was scheduled for the following day.
  • Emilio's only son Carlo Randovezi arrived the following day to join the crowd of mostly men and a few women who were all dressed in black. He was putting on a black suit and sunshades. He stood in the middle of two powerful men, Bianco and Jerald.
  • My father had been a powerful man too but now look how he ended. Carlo thought.
  • Don Alonso was giving a eulogy about his father. All the good things that he said about his father were true except that a significant chunk of his father's life had been omitted, especially the bad things that he had done. Carlo gazed around the crowd, and he never anticipated this kind of crowd to show up for his father's burial. He caught sight of a lovely lady.
  • The burial procession had ended, and the excess crowd had been dispersed, leaving only the prominent family. Each car had an entourage of at least two others following them. The Don's vehicle contained his driver, Bianco, Carlo, and himself.
  • Mazza rode with Taleela in the backseat, and Jerald was in the passenger seat with the driver. The cars were of different brands, but they moved together, taking every straight road or bend.
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