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Chapter 10 Anguished

  • Ivan, the Russian Mafia boss, had two daughters who went by Alyona and Mariyanna. It had been up to a week since anyone heard or saw Alyona, the Younger one of his daughters. She had just disappeared into thin air. Don Ivan was very affectionate towards Alyona.
  • He gave her a vast majority of his empire, leaving only a tiny portion, Arilogistic firm for his firstborn. In the last few days, he had been searching high and low for Alyona like a religious man searching for God.
  • "I've been to every known place she might have been to, boss, and nobody has heard or seen her," Dimitri said.
  • "This is so unlike her!" Ivan said, pacing around his garden. "Dimitri, she was your friend. You both were having an affair right under my nose. Oh, don't think my eyes are not on the ground. I know you both had something going on. This is why I need you to think about if she told you anything that might have led to her disappearance."
  • Dimitri forced his memory to think about it in all the times he and Alyona had spent together; she didn't tell him anything about leaving, but his mind came up with the search but couldn't not find any message.
  • "She never mentioned anything to me, boss," he said, feeling even more despair for her. "If she did, I would have been able to remember."
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