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The Alpha Mafia King

The Alpha Mafia King


Update: 2022-06-24

Chapter 1 : Murder

  • 15 years ago
  • -Switzerland-
  • Four of the wolves transformed on the little raven wolf. Their eyes were black as the night sky, showing the thicket of not being one of their kind. He was too dark, being in his wolf form, and he stepped into the territory of the angry werewolf Beta and omega during their meeting hour.
  • The lupine and canine dynamics are that the pecking order is respected for its social benefits. This made the big beta wolf angry because they were having a meeting concerning the weakness of how his son is becoming an omega when suddenly, the little raven wolf halts on them.
  • "He's a Marcovic. I can tell from his blueprint on his fur." Omega Juno growled.
  • "It is true; I know him. He's the son of Karlow," Omega Antonio, son of Callisto's, voiced out before He instantly shapeshifted.
  • The little raven wolf whimpered as he slowly limped backward, resting his claws against the mangrove tree, trying to protect himself from the five angry avengers wolves of the dark. He looks down at his paws to see that it was nothing compared to their own. They were huge except for the two teenage Omega wolves he knew from the other side of the mountain.
  • Then, he remembered the word of his father, never to be the weakest within the weak— With this, he attempted to show a little bit of sovereignty that he had; the black wolf untangled his crest and let a growl loose.
  • The uncontrolled pack had bullied the raven Wolf, but it became more severe when he couldn't wolf up during his training with his father. Still, after his father passed on due to being shot by human forest drifters, he felt so painful, and with the help of his mother and grandfather, he trained every day until this day that he secretly Wolf up at the forest mountains.
  • He tries to take a stance but can't. One of the brown wolves, Beta Laslow that is known to be the second acting leader to his small pack, crest up to him with a slash with his claws to his flurry face. The raven wolf snapped and cracked bitterly. One of the brown wolves slowly transformed into his human form and very well, standing naked as the rest of them changed one at a time.
  • They hand him a white bear cloak to put on as he walks in between them as they part an opening for him; with this, he walks majestically to the bitterly injured little raven wolf. He was known as Callisto Beaumont from the Switzerland Clocasian Pack.
  • "Are you sure this is him?" The man standing before the little wolf looks unamazed at the wolves.
  • "Yes, Master, He's a Marcovic from the De Sina Pack. His father died from the bullet of a human drifter, and his grandfather is the current alpha, but due to our research, he's the only son and child to the Marcovic lineage; he might be the chosen one," The rigid man voiced out with his glowing eyes.
  • "I know how his father died, I saw everything, but still," The tall, black-haired, neon eyes man known to be a beta wolf turns to stare at the raven wolf with piercing eyes. "Little wolf, your father did us wrong, and I won't like for you to pay for the sins of your father." He said.
  • "Transform to your human form!" He orders coldly. "My son told me that you can't wolf up, but here you're in my territory, all wolfed up. I want to see you in your human form to know if you look like your father, Karlow Marcovic!"
  • The little raven wolf was whimpering beside the tree, watching the adults and teenagers in fear. They were five, three grown-up men and two teenagers that were both the same age as him.
  • "If you don't want to transform, thus, that's fine. Go back to where you came from now, or else we'll feed on you tonight and skin you and hang your remains for the human drifters to make a cloak from your fur,"
  • "But—"
  • "Don't shut me up, Laslow; let him go since he doesn't want to wolf up. I won't make you pay for your father's deed. Your father watched my wife die in the hands of hungry human drifters; He is not even from here; he's an Italian breed; he came here to steal what's rightfully mine. He was supposed to take over from your grandfather as the alpha,"
  • He continued. "But since your family decided to rule all the packs alone in my territory, my wife had to die because your father couldn't kill the drifters to protect my wife," He growls slightly.
  • The little wolf made no sound. He did not move. He stared hard at the man, playing his part as the gentle soul that he is. After all, he's the son of a gentleman.
  • "I have this feeling that you'll seek blood but not like your father that lives by his rules of—Karlow Marcovic doesn't kill, he makes peace. This statement killed my wife, and since you're his son, I won't say you'll pay, but your grandfather will, since he's no longer the alpha of the De Sina Pack, and I'm not sure if you're worthy; you cant be our king, you're too small to rule over thousands of wolves, and you have no other clan which means the moon goddess will pass it on to another pack,"
  • "Now, get out of my sight before I change my opinion on you," He yelled at the scared wolf.
  • "But Master, he's a Marcovic; what if he's the chosen alpha?"
  • "Don't bother, Laslow; this mutant can't even hurt a fly; his father couldn't even be the next alpha; how can he rule over us?"
  • "Just let him go, father," Antonio, the son of Calisto's Beaumont, voiced out, looking at how frightened Alonso was.
  • "Okay then, move on!" He orders. The little raven wolf zoomed off at high speed; he was severely injured. They watched as he ran off without looking back.
  • "Master," Laslow called, looking at him in shock because Calisto was not someone that would easily let go of his revenge.
  • "What?" Calisto flames up, looking from his son, Omega Antonio, Beta Jamie, Omega Juno, and back to Beta Laslow.
  • "This is so unlike you. What is your plan? You had Karlow, son, in your claws, and you let him go? Why?" Beta Laslow inquired.
  • He smirks. "Get ready because we're going hunting,"
  • "Tonight?" Omega Juno asked, looking confused at Beta Calisto.
  • "Yes. We're going to wipe out the remaining of the Marcovic tonight," He smirks, then a howling follows, and they all howled with him.
  • With one nod from Calisto's, the fate of the remaining lineage of the Marcovic was instantly sealed.
  • The howling continued, and they all shapeshifted into their wolf form and were ready to attack for tonight's pilgrimage.
  • An hour later, Alonso shapeshifted back into human form as he ran and ran through the thick forest. He fears for his life and won't want to make his mother worry about him since she's heavily pregnant.
  • His breathing became heavier as he ran on human feet. A few miles away, he heard howling; it was his grandfather howling out to him; hastily, he saw fog of smoke from the direction of his home; with this his, he shapeshifted back into his wolf form with not much stress.
  • He senses danger. He howled back in response to his grandfather.
  • Reaching down the mountain to his home, he saw his heavily pregnant mother on the arm of his grandfather, lying lifeless with her eyes closed. He was flabbergast at the house that was burning to the ground.
  • "Mother..." He whispered as he slowly leaned down to touch the face of his mother. She was lifeless on the arm of his grandfather, who was busy howling in pain. "Mother, please wake up. I promise to you and the moon goddess that I will never shapeshift ever again," He cries even louder.
  • He sobs even more complex. "Mother, please, don't do this to me, don't leave me too as father did. I can do without you; please don't die. Mother...I promise I'll leave an ordinary life like my father. I'll be successful and leave my life like a normal human being as you've always dreamt of."
  • "Who...who did this? Who did this to my mother?" He howled in pain as he called out to her, but it was up to no use.
  • "She's gone..." Mazza De Sina, the grandfather to Alonzo, yelled in pain.
  • "Mother...Mother...Mother..." He bursts out in tears. "How did this happen? Where were you, grandfather? You promise to protect us now the father is dead; now it's my mother's turn, and even my baby sisters?"
  • "Yes...yes...son, we lost both of them. I went out to hunt and reached here; she was covered in burning woods, I managed to drag her out, but it was too late. I don't know what happened or how the fire occurred."
  • Then the realization hits him. He turned around then saw striking glowing eyes in the dark. Immediately the bright eyes disappeared into the night.
  • "It was them; it was them...they killed my mother and my baby sister. They killed her..." He screamed in pain. "I wish listened to mother's word when she begged me not to shapeshift that it will only attract danger since my father is no more. I killed my mother and sister; it was my fault,"
  • He cried very loudly that it caused his claws to dig out from his fleshy hand and his fangs dig out from his mouth. Unexpectedly the half-moon turned into a full moon; his blue eyes turned into dark, bloody red, then a very mighty howling followed.
  • Grandfather Mazza's mouth dropped open in shock as he slowly lay the dead Tasmania De Sina Marcovic on the ground as he instantly bowed down to him.
  • "He's the grandson, Alonzo is the pack's new leader; a fifteen-year-old, he's the king of all werewolves." He immediately howled alongside Alonzo as instantly, another howling was heard from near and far. "He's healing so fast; his scars on his face are healing." He stuttered.
  • Howling sounds both near and far were heard as the information that a new king had obtained the throne.
  • "They killed my mother and my baby sister..." His meek voice was no more; Alonzo's Voice was replaced with a baritone growl. "I must avenge my family's death!" He was about to take off but was head on his shoulder by his grandfather.
  • "Be still, my boy. Your mother won't be happy if you get your hand-stained by the blood of another. You can take on your revenge later. You're the alpha now, my boy. You've to train yourself first; then you can make anyone bow and respect your every wish," He continues.
  • "Be still, My king." Mazza strolled to him as he tried to calm him down, which he positively did. Bit by bit, his eyes turned back to brown, his fangs went back in, and the same goes for him upgraded sharply new claws.
  • "Grandfather... I can't take this..." He stuttered with hiccups.
  • "You can't, but you will, You are a brave boy like your father. And a good soul like your mother. We have to bury her first." He calms him down.
  • "Why did the moon goddess choose me? Why me? I lost both my parents, and this is what the moon goddess chose to appease me with?" He bitterly spat.
  • "Shh, you can't speak badly about the Moon goddess; everything that happened is for a reason. Don't forget your promise to the moon goddess and your mother, never to shape-shift ever again because we're moving away from here back to Italy to live everyday life, the home of your great grand ancestors!"
  • "Ita...Italy?" He asked with shocked eyes.
  • "Yes, your mother is from here, but your father is not from here; they leave ordinary life not until love drove your father down here to Switzerland."
  • "But...but grandfather...I know who killed my mother and sister, I know the faces of my mother's killers, and I promise to get my revenge on them sooner." He looks up at Mazza with a running nose and swollen red eyes from crying. "Will you help me become a king? A true alpha?"
  • Mazza immediately kneels at him with a slight bow. "Yes, my King, I'll teach you everything you need to know about being an Alpha king! I have a mansion in Sicily, and your father willed all his property to you as if he knows that he'll be dying sooner. Rest on my brave son," Mazza reinforced.
  • "I will become more vital for you, mother; I promise,"
  • Alonzo swear vengeance in front of his grandfather even when he promises him not to look for the five wolves, regardless of how much his grandfather tried to convince him otherwise. True to his words, Alonzo would find the whereabouts of the Five wolves who caused the fire and confront them. As always, they'd mock him about his parent's death and their promise to wipeout his clan.
  • This will result in the outburst of fight amongst them, and they'd attack Alonzo in their wolf form. As they're shooting Alonzo, one of them will get a dagger, made of wolf's bane, ready to finish him off once and for all. But it's at this moment that Alonzo will recall certain things his grandfather told himlast night of the incident.
  • Unbeknownst to him, his words held the secret that the Marcovic lineage directly descended from the Original Alpha bloodline. He then remembers his promise to his mother and the moon goddess never to shape-shift again.