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Chapter 12 - The Alpha in the Flesh

  • < Serena >
  • I wasted my time worrying about our sharing of a room when it turned out, my new husband had another plan in mind. In the middle of the celebration, I saw him leave in a hurry and this was after he called a blue-haired man, his second-in-command maybe, and conversed through whispers.
  • I cared less about what they were talking about. Anyway, I couldn't hear a word they said because of the noise inside the throne room. A little later after he vanished, men in lavish suits—the royal council—as far as I know, stood up and left the party.
  • I recognized them in a gathering I attended a day earlier with Elijah. That gathering was weird in a way. It was held in the highest mountain in the kingdom, over a stretch of grassy clearing a kilometre away from the castle. There were a lot of attendees. I say tens of thousands probably. The same as at the wedding.
  • I reckoned it was the population of this realm. Their appearance looked human, but I knew beneath their normal-looking eyes, a wolf was hiding. Throughout the gathering, I kept my composure intact and diverted my attention to my acting skills. Somehow, my Mass Communication course helped me converse with the council in a natural way. I was glad enough Elijah chose to educate me on their history and culture. I was able to at least ride on with the conversation because of it.
  • Elijah was truthful enough to tell me about the purpose of the mountain gathering. It was called Ma'tisste. He said it was their annual celebration to welcome the new moon of the year and the highlight activity was what he called 'the howling'.
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