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Chapter 6 Tippy Toes

  • “He chastises, exhausted, the rough and straight pole, and insists, unhappy, that he has seen the specters.” —Stephen King
  • The small but famous restaurant in the area, Grandma Pávlovna, had suddenly exploded due to an accumulation of gas in an area of the pipes where it should not be passing such gases, the pipe not resisting suddenly exploded, causing severe burns in two employees, fortunately there was no death, but the business was completely destroyed. So he knew, Duscha, who, wandering inside his mind, remembered, from time to time, for three days already, the frightened eyes of that young man, now called, Táo Lukyan Zinov Agapov Zhōu, 20 years old, just turned May 13, already two months ago.
  • —Let's see how much this tells me about you, brat. -She smiles slyly and continues reading the file. —What? —she stands up in astonishment and drops down on the couch to stroke her hair and look at the ceiling, feeling guilty. —Asperger's Syndrome.... —she stammers again, feeling stupid. —No, it doesn't matter, he started it first... —she grumbles in frustration. —I'm not going to feel sorry for you, you bastard. —he angrily picks up a black habanero and lights it, sucking deeply on the smoke to warm her lungs. —Ziba! —she shouts to the chief secretary of the building, SVL, everyone did not know the origin of the name, only the heiress knows the meaning and she did not allow herself to tell even her best friend.
  • —Madam, tell me. —In a diligent and quick manner, she arrived in front of the millionaire magnate's desk.
  • —I need you to place an order online, I've been looking for that damn stuffed animal and I can't find it anywhere. —she takes a puff of smoke and raises his hand, thinking about what he will say. —Please.
  • —...—Ziba, surprised, opens her mouth and eyes slightly, and immediately regains her composure. Never, in all the years she has worked with Mrs. Ivanovna, had she ever asked her politely for anything, ever. —Of course, right away, madam... What kind of stuffed animal is it? —she asked fearfully.
  • —It's a Japanese animation.
  • —Oh, wow, I know which one it is... —she stops when she gets an irritable look from the young blonde. —I'll go and place the order now. With your permission. —she quickly leaves the office and goes back to her desk, feeling happy for the young lady's thanks.
  • —Of course it's him. —she laughs for a few seconds and then sighs. —It's because of you that Kobayashi would dare to cut off my fingers and make me swallow them. I can't believe it, who are you? —she asks herself in a low voice analyzing the data of her record. —...Wow, an expert in economics, bakery, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Roman history. God, are you some kind of mechanized magic box? —she asks the air with a frown. —He likes peaches... They're his favorite, according to this, interesting... —she smiles unconsciously. Anyone would have been shocked to see her read the file of someone who hurt her pride, as she smiles. —Totoro... ijim, I already knew that beforehand.
  • The phone rings suddenly, to which she acts patiently as she continues to read the file.
  • —Good afternoon.
  • —Since when did you become so polite?
  • —You... —she laughs mockingly and yawns lazily. —What do you want now, old man?
  • —Disgusting... —he sighs. —Nothing, just that I heard from a little green bird that you met the boy yesterday, how did it go? —he asks with mockery and derision, arousing rage in Duscha who tenses her jaw, marking it.
  • —I don't give a shit, I'm not going to tell you anything. I just saw it and that's all.
  • —Well, that's not what I was told. —he laughs and sips some rice wine sitting near the window of his mansion on the outskirts in the quiet and peaceful countryside of Moscow. —I guess, did they hit you right in the narcissism?
  • —Fuck off. —she hangs up abruptly, but not before hearing the old man's laughter. —Fucking bird, I'm going to kill you. —she takes her black vest and leaves the office slightly impatient. She had to go to the cafeteria again and make peace with the boy's grandparents, as she still needed the young man's services. —Ziba, as soon as the shipment arrives, send it to my house.
  • —Yes, ma'am, it will arrive tomorrow morning.
  • —In that case, leave it in my office as soon as it arrives, thank you.
  • —Y-yes, of course. —With shining eyes, he looks her up and down, receiving a hostile look and a frown from the blonde.
  • —Is there something on my face?
  • —No, ma'am, go ahead. —she sits back down and stops looking at him, still with a slight smile on her face. —See you later.
  • —Aha, yes... See you. —she leaves quickly without understanding the situation. —Mijaíl, take me to the Valkyria Zhōu Táo coffee shop, do you know the location?
  • —Yes, ma'am, get in, I'll take you there. —Gentleman, opens the car door, letting her in.
  • —Thank you. —The man, with the years denoted by his desire, opens his eyes in surprise and closes the door, confused, by what he just heard.
  • —Of course. —he says more to himself. He scratches his neck and wakes up from the sudden digression. —Valkyria Cafeteria, right away.
  • Anyone would believe, at first glance, of the powerful Duscha, the millionaire tycoon, she fears nothing, not even her own demons, which have not yet revealed themselves or so she believes, they were already appearing and something, deep inside her told her that it was the young pedant named Táo Zhōu. She had never felt so much anger for a human being who only told her his truths without his tongue trembling, that undoubtedly excited her, but it overcame her shattered ego. That boy, besides having awakened Lisovik for seconds, awakened dark desires, creating in Petya's mind erotic scenarios where he subjected that delicate body to pleasures, to everything that his skilled hands knew how to do, to all the objects at his disposal in that dark room of the Romanóv family castle. No defenseless man who has entered the house of the feared Lisovik, thinks that he will cry with pleasure and leave that place disoriented. Some wish to return, others only fear to even see her green eyes darkened by libido.