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Chapter 15 - Revenge can be re-ordered

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  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fernanda
  • Zara would pay. . . For every scrub; even the littlest work I do. Every washing, every slaving. . . She just had to pay. All she had to do was mind her business. Just hold her tongue. Now, she spilled it all to my brother, next to my parents, trapping me. And for Zack, I’ll deal with him later. Just later.
  • I look at the head maid as she ordered other maids around. She ignored me and let me do my job. “Doleres?”, I called out. I was going to ask her to assign another maid to do my duty. “Yes, princess?”, she replied. She looked different, acted different and talked different. I could see a hint of mockery in her eyes.
  • “Assign a maid to carry on with this”, I said dropping the vacuum cleaner in haste. I so much hated cleaning. I hated dirt. I hated mum and dad for making me do this. “I’m afraid not, mi princesa. Hers and His Majesty ordered me not to offer any kind of assistance to you”, she said. She was a plump woman with a mole in between her cheeks. She had a red hair like me but not my type. Not elegant and long like mine. Not just a filthy maid.
  • “Oh, I see”, I say. She bows her head in response. “Yes, mi princesa”
  • “Then why don’t we talk about your life after this punishment of mine. I’ll personally see to it that you’re fired and you don’t have any means of livelihood till you rot and die. How’s that?”, I smartly remark. She had no idea who was dealing with. Guess I just had to show her.
  • “I - I’ll have it done, mi princesa”, she replies politely. I feel joyous as she orders two maids to take over my duty.
  • Walking to the garden, I approach my personal flower. It was so pretty. The Aconitum. It reminded me of myself – beautiful on the outside, but deadly on the inside. More like the queen of poisons. Its purpleness was my favourite aspect. Purple. That’s me. My best kind of color: touch me, you burn.
  • Except Alejandro, my first love. Someone who had my heart before I could say no. He took it bit by bit until it became a whole. It had started that day when I was just sixteen, sitting with my father on a royal banquet like any other daddy’s girl. My mum too busy to notice, in a gist with her high-class friends.
  • I didn’t miss how smart he looked. Oh, he looked so elegant that I thought that was his first name. I knew the buttons I had to pushed. . . I pushed them for two years. In all, I was eighteen, when he became mine. I manipulated him to love me and take me to his bed too. Sexy? I was sexy and I knew he couldn’t resist that. I had threatened to behead his little sister he catered for setting up for stealing. He eventually gave in. Alejandro was mine. He has always been mine from day 1 – day end. Till death do us apart.
  • I felt myself smile at the maidens, countesses and ladies-in-waiting that thought they could take him from me. . . I blew every single one away from him like breeze and ensured they never came back.
  • “Aconitum, my aconitum”, I muttered to myself. “One who always inspires me”, I say silently. “No one could understand us”, I add again. “Because we only understand ourselves”, I smile viciously caressing the plant as I sat. There were lots of flower pots around but none to be compared to it.
  • “M-My princess?”, I look up sighting a maid looking down. “What is it, now?”, I lift my head up. She looked afraid. Off course she should be. Of me, the little witch. Or what was that they even called me? - The Red Witch.
  • “Queen Moretti demands your presence”, she says with her chin still resting on her chest. She knew me better than to look me in the eye.
  • “Where is she?”, I ask her.
  • “I have no idea, my princess”, she replies.
  • “I don’t expect you too”, I retort coarsely. I stood up elegantly and walked up to her. She looked like she was shivering. I smirked to myself because fear was my daily food. I loved it when people were afraid of me. . . it was like a drug I’ll never be satisfied with. “Ah, ah”, I say bringing forth my aconitum stained hand which had purple crumbs on it.
  • I pulled the material of her dress and wiped off the aconitum from my hands, walking out of there.
  • ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • “Stop this embarrassment, mi hija. I’ve had enough”, my mum said. She was in her best outfit today and I wondered why she left me to suffer with those dirt only because I tried fleeing with a guard.
  • “Madre, please help me. I promise I won’t make a mistake like this again”, I say. My mother was just too vulnerable; just too weak. She taught I was innocent. If only she knew she was mistaken. . .
  • “It’s not in my hands, mi hija. It’s about our honor. You have to pay for your deeds, daughter”, she announced meekly. I’ve always thought of Spain to be a weak city. Yes, the government was doing a good job but traditionally. Thanks to my dad, a strong lion, the palace wasn’t fallen.
  • “Convince dad, I don’t have to do any work mother. I didn’t mean to attempt to flee. It was just that. . .No one payed me enough attention. I thought you all hated me-- You, Zack, dad and Ricardo”, I say. I had begun to form tears in my eyes. I inwardly smiled as I felt it well up my sight. Perfect, Fernandez. I praise myself. My performance surely deserved an Oscar.
  • “We love you, Fern. We all love you, dear. But you didn’t have to flee to prove a point. You broke our trust, daughter. Your dad and I have always seen you as meek and innocent contradicting your red hair which is supposed to signify your hot head”, she spoke softly. I had succeeded in making her pity me.
  • “It’s not what you think, madre. I won’t intentionally hurt you both. I love you so much and wouldn’t have planned to flee if you both had time for me”, I said softly. My salted eyes were already swollen. Mother, mother. Do my bidding, mother. Oh mother.
  • “Hush, child. Don’t cry my dear. You make me want to cry too”, she pulled me in for a hug. I smile gripping her tightly. “I missed you so much, mum”, I said with her hands around my shoulders.
  • “Me too, mi amor. I promise to talk to your dad. It will be okay. You’ll see, you’ll see”, she mouthed out patting my back. It was obvious she grew me spoiling me but I never cared. Just like the aconitum. It never recognized the high class; at all.
  • And for Zara, she never knew what was coming her way. If I were her, I’d watch my back. Revenge can be re-ordered, you know.