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Chapter 7 We Are Not The Same

  • Zia reached the dock, at the end of it there was a boat, and some men were nearby, there were four of them, they all had shorts, bare torso and were barefoot preparing nets, apparently they were preparing for night fishing, she tucked the gun in the waistband of her shorts behind her back, and approached them, they were so focused on what they were doing that they did not notice her presence, they were stacking things inside the boat. She cleared her throat.
  • " Hello!" she said in a trembling voice "Could you help me? Some dangerous and armed guys are chasing me" The four men looked at each other, they had sunburned skin and were all dark haired and dark eyed, they looked at her with curiosity and confusion.
  • "Do any of them speak Spanish, English, or Greek?" she said in desperation "Could you help me, please?" she tried to explain herself in Greek, but none of them seemed to understand what she was saying.
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