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Chapter 4 I Will Own You

  • A day later, as soon as the clock ticked nine o' clock in the night, Nicole switched of the laptop, gazing around the office, her hands brushed against the keys, as she stood up from the chair, her eyes ticking brightly and suddenly remembering one particular guy.
  • Xander Castillo.
  • She gazed around the office, walking over to the window, the sky was dark, covered with clouds which darkened every minute, the peaceful howling of owls, the busy jamming of the city taxis, she shut the windows close before walking out of the company, and down to her car, she got in and drove.
  • Her mind raced in different corners, suddenly remembering something.
  • 'You are to live in my house, I will own you.'
  • She widened her eyes, she was going to live in his house? With him? The monster, her mother had sent her the direction to his house, she was going to live with him, she had to be extra smart. He wasn’t someone she could mess with and she knew that.
  • The way his eyes bobbed shut, the way he twisted in his seat the other day, and the way his lips parted when he talked, his collarbone tilting as he spoke.
  • Why in the heck was she thinking about him? Soon enough, she hadn’t realized that she had drove into his house, she came out of the car, her eyes staring at the huge mansion.
  • He had a house in New York, what did she expect? What was his career anyways?
  • She fixated her eyes on the exterior designs, the house was dark in color, revealing no amount of warmth, the door was icy dark, and the corridors were painted in dark, the windows tinted with brushes that emitted darkness, it was like she was in a devil den or something, she clutched her handbag walking in the mansion, the guards opened the door and she walked through the lonely hall.
  • She could have swore she had a hawk sound in the hall, the sounds was creepy and she wondered if someone actually lived in such house, as she walked through the lonely hall, she bumped into something, or even someone.
  • His shoulders were broad, as she leaned against it, she finally gazed up, her eyes widening. He was familiar, he was the same man with Xander the other day.
  • Lucas stared at her, "You must be.." his words trailed off, but he knew her.
  • She was Nicole Hart, the same person that Xander would get married to, he didn’t know much about her but whenever they trained, he would always mutter her name, his eyes closed, and his hands moving through the punching bag.
  • "I will lead you to your room." He walked, she followed, he turned, she almost bumped into him. "Are you hungry?"
  • She hadn’t taken anything at all, she bit her lips. "Yes."
  • His lips curled up as expected and he walked toward the dining room, the room was large, with few decorations and a little lamp, a table and some rows of chair, stands of lights lit around the whole room.
  • Nicole stared for a while, turning to him. "I will seat." She pulled a chair and sat down.
  • Lucas nodded, before pulling the strand of the bell, in a minute, maids strolled into the room, pushing a trolley of food, placing it on the table, they bowed and left.
  • "Eat."
  • She stared at the food, how would she eat all these? She stared around the whole room, finding the black color really odd, this wasn’t a mansion, it was a dungeon. She picked up the spoon, digging it into the plate of soup, she let it down her throat. Lucas’ heavy gaze lingered on her, watching her every movement.
  • After a few spoons, she placed the spoon back to the bowl, she turned to Lucas. "Take me to my room,"
  • He nodded, turning slightly he left, and she followed. As they walked through the hall, she couldn’t help but notice they all had the same designs, and the lights wee rather dim, the tiles were a combination of white and black, and the wall, a combination of white with some shades of black, she stared around.
  • "Black brings a sense of relief to young master." He caught her eyes and said.
  • "Huh?" she looked up at him, what didn’t she know about Xander? If black could bring a sense of relief to him, then was he human at all.
  • "This is your room." Lucas twisted the doorknob, revealing a room, she stepped inside and stared around.
  • "This is only the room that isn’t painted with black." he gave a curt bow. "Goodnight." And then, he left.
  • She stared around, to her surprise, the room was large, and it was painted with white, the wardrobe stood perfectly to the floor, and the bed made a stand movement, the room emitted a little bit of warmth, but the crooks of tree, the wriggling of tattered leaves.
  • It was odd, yet, she felt safe, tug of relief etched in her heart.
  • She stared, before she slumped on the bed, she was living in her enemy’s house, he was her husband. He had said she was his possession. Who was he really?
  • The question was odd in her mind, but she was curious, who was Xander Castillo. She wanted to know him, about him, and why black brings him relief.
  • She just needed to know. She didn’t needed to know.
  • Nicole Hart dreaded to know who Xander Castillo really was.