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Chapter 14 Rumors

  • “Mommy!” Aisle burst out into my room and hurriedly jumped into my bed as her lips is almost tearing because of her wide smile. “Someone's here, Mommy!” she announced making me frown as I put down my laptop into my bed.
  • “Someone?” I asked, totally clueless about whom she is talking to. If it was Helena, this is not her reaction. Helena is normally visiting in our apartment so it wasn't a surprise but this time, seeing Aisle's reaction is a different thing.
  • Instead of answering my question, Aisle jump off the bed and pulled my hand. I don't have a choice but to follow her and let her drag me outside. My eyes first landed on the fruit basket in the living room and then it traveled to the man in a polo shirt, calmly sitting on the couch as he owns it.
  • “Good morning, Alice,” Lyndon greeted with a smile on his lips. Aisle abandoned me at my place and then runs towards her uncle. Lyndon on the other hand opened his arms widely and carried my daughter, effortlessly. He sat back on the couch with Aisle on his lap.
  • “Why are you here, Sir?”
  • “Just Lyndon, remember,” he reminded. “Anyway, I am here for my pretty niece. Can I borrow her, Alice?” he suddenly asked which I instantly refused to cause both of them showed their sad face.
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