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Chapter 6 : Interrogation

  • Ella:
  • “Nowhere, just went to the washroom for a bit,” lying because I did not want another lecture.
  • “That’s where I came from but I did not see you, besides it looks like you did not comb your hair, which only means that you are hiding something from me” Helen interrogated with her hands crossed across her chest.
  • It was funny how she caught me every single time I lied, “Dear God, why was I such a horrible liar?” I muttered to myself ignoring her pressing questions.
  • Hello everybody, how are we doing? Jennifer walked into the boardroom with her laptop and bossy grin across her face. A buxom blonde accompanied Jen and stood besides her smiling at the rest of us. All the guys in the room already seemed to be checking the low neckline of her blouse.
  • “Also, I saw Joe walking in right after you did, looking equally lost, were you guys making out in the office? How exciting! Helen continued in her usual berating tone.
  • “Not now Helen!” I rolled my eyes wanting to fend her off for the day.
  • Jen introduced her saying, “Everybody, meet Alice, our new account management intern, she completed her Masters in Business Administration from the very prestigious Columbia University. She will be helping us out with the paperwork and compliance checks for on boarding new clients. Alice, would you like to say a few words?”
  • “Hey all, it’s such an honour to be working at Accent, I can’t wait to learn from the highly talented people here. I hope you guys won’t mind me bothering you with questions all the time, I’m so excited!!!" She eagerly chirped in her shrill voice.
  • Of course not, you’re very welcome! Joe replied with the rest of the boys nodding in unison.
  • “He was trying to get into your pants again with more sweet-talk like what we’re watching right now, isn’t it?” she persisted in her line of questioning as Jen continued with the working priorities for the day.
  • “Helen, Joe is not as bad as you think, you’re just being overprotective because you love me!” I stuck my tongue out teasing her.
  • “Girls, is everything alright?” Jen barked out loud to get our attention as everybody looked in our direction wondering what we had to say in our defence.
  • “Yes Jen, we were just talking about attending the annual business operations conference this weekend, sorry!” Helen replied with her quick-wit coming to our rescue.
  • As the meeting came to an end, I started walking towards Joe to discuss our weekend plans. We were supposed to actually attend the business conference to expand our networks and seek newer accounts.
  • Just before I was about to talk to Joe, Alice approached him and said, “Hey, I know it’s my first day at work but I am so keen to learn how the department works, do you think you could help me understand the account process flowcharts? She pleaded batting her eyelids at him.
  • Without even looking at me, Joe responded, “Of course Alice, why don’t you hop over to my cubicle?” And they walked together, chatting away into oblivion.
  • I did not move for a second trying to understand what just happened.
  • “Looks like the new bird has caught someone’s fancy eh!?” Helen stuck her tongue out getting back at me.
  • “You’re hypothesizing as usual, Joe does not have a wandering eye” I defended, pretty sure it was just a coincidence.