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Update: 2021-09-18

Chapter 1

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  • What is heartbreak? Is it an emotion, a phase just like an ocean rippling with waves trying to bestow it's wrath so to release some pain buried deep inside it's chest? Or is it a wound, a gash so deep of betrayal that it taints the whole being..... the very soul of the person.
  • The person for whom you would have walked on knives and ambers with high almighty flames engulfing your existence then turning into coal how does it feels when the very human twists the same knife in your back with a smiling unabashed face, looking straight into your broken eyes.... ruination... The very crushing of your soul is what true heartbreak is.
  • Years pass but the pain doesn't lessen, we just get used to the idea of the person being real and the idea with them.... a mistake and sometimes those people return to you with a small apology, untrue guilt and a facade of evolution because they haven't harmed your peace enough... yet.
  • Be aware darling.....the pain was yours but so was the strength that came along with the part and parcel of anguish and agony wrapped in silk.
  • Don't forget who you are, the very women who rose from ashes. Don't let him burn your solace again, don't let him taint your innocence.....not again.
  • Your Warrior... him, the man you are waiting for little girl...are you ready for him, his divine touch?
  • He, the one drowning in his own sorrows, trying to be the better person....let him be free from his own shackles before finding you.
  • He will come little girl but the question is will you continue to fight your demons and emerge victorious or get defeated from them.
  • A conquer.. do you want to be the Queen or a damsel in distress whom he saves.
  • Save yourself my love because the man meant to rule beside you will be a king in all his might and just like in chess, the Queen strengthens the King but the pawn.....oh! the helpless little pawn is thrown out of the very game before it has begun.
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