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Chapter 8

  • He turned around a mischievous smile playing on his lips.
  • I had a very bad feeling about that smile.
  • "I guess you will find out cupcake!" was all he said before he left. Bastard!
  • the girls started doing............ i don't know! may be they were doing what they were suppose to do?
  • A girl came with a tray filled with food i had never seen in my entire life and placed it in front of me.
  • what the heck was it?
  • one plate was filled with few round things were piled up with some brown thing in between them. fruits surrounded them with what looked like a piece of butter on top. A cup filled whose top was foamy preventing me from looking the inside stuff.
  • "Is something wrong Mrs Black?"
  • my head snapped towards the maid who asked. but my concern wasn't her question but what she addressed me with.
  • Mrs Black?!
  • Why the hell does that sound so strongly magical.....ughhh get a hold of your emotions Enola.
  • My subconsciousness scolded me.
  • "Apologize but my name is Eno.....uhmmmm i mean Sandra. and i am not Mrs Black"
  • That was close actually. i almost slipped out of my mouth.
  • The girl maintained what they call professional look and said
  • "I am sorry but Mr Black had strictly instructed to address you as Mrs Black. Now may i know what if the pancake and coffee isn't to Mrs Black's liking should i change it?"
  • ignoring the Mrs Black shit i paid more attention to what she called the food in front of me.
  • Pancake and coffee?
  • what an odd name!
  • i just picked up the fork. Yes we do have fork and knifes in my era. where do you think i came from. stone age?
  • i started eating and to my surprise it was the best thing i have ever tasted in my entire life.
  • It was the perfect combo of savory and sweet!
  • while i was enjoying what the girl called Pancake my eyes fell on the foamy thing.
  • What did she call it?
  • Oh yes Coffee.
  • i took the cup and took a sip only to gag and almost spit it out. but didn't as it would be waste and unethical.
  • I forced myself and gulped it down ignoring the bitter taste
  • "Does Mrs Black hate coffee?" The same girl asked
  • "I sure do now!" i said and put what i officially call shot of bitterness down and continued on eating Pancake
  • After i was done i did what the girls told me. God ! they made sit on a chair for like 4 hours. some were swiping brushes filled with powders on my face while some were doing i don't have a clue about to my hairs.
  • finally their torture ended as they lead me to wear beautiful white dress
  • I don't know how to define it all i could say that it was beautiful and with all that puffiness and lace.
  • But the question is why am i being put into this?