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Chapter 6

  • "How the fuck did this even happened?" I yelled not believing my eyes.
  • i am stuck not only in the body of the girl in my dreams but also with her creepy husband all because of a stupid wish?
  • Yes! i did wish to be her. What a stupid wish right?
  • Well what would your devastated self would do when your so called father set your marriage with a ruthless and pervert man not to forget he was a bloody prince who would not think twice before killing anyone. i did't even knew him but my father did't listen and said i have done it for your good.
  • For My Good?! My foot!
  • He did it for his own good.
  • That bloody son of a bitch bribed my greedy dad with countless amount of gold plates and asked my hand in marriage only because i embarrassed him or more like showed him that he has no right on me when he tried to flirt with me.
  • and now because of that stupid man i am here.
  • I was so lost in cursing that son of a bitch that i didn't even noticed the other son of a bitch standing behind me
  • "Is my wife thinking about me?"
  • i jolted and turned my heels only to meet the face of the other son of bitch
  • Jonathan black!
  • "I would rather think about a dog than think about you" I snapped gaining a low growl from him
  • "Clarify which species of dog ?" He asked his voice deadly sending chill down my spine
  • Wait! dogs has kinds? if they do then.
  • "the dog which was with your mom last night"
  • A second didn't even pass of that sentence escaping my mouth and i already regret saying it.
  • His eyes went blood red and he looked like a beast.
  • i realized who ever the hell he is and what ever he has done i had no right to say something like that.
  • " I am sorr...."
  • Before i could apologize a hard slap fell on my face making me turn 90 degrees.
  • Did he just slapped me?
  • i looked back at him his eyes were still blood shot before i could even react i was pinned to the wall with his strong muscular arm around my neck chocking me.
  • tears scrolled down my cheeks as i stared his face.
  • He looked like a complete demon.
  • i tried pushing him away as my body was desperate for air
  • but he was just too strong
  • I felt all the energy and strength leave my body as i stopped struggling and was surrounded by darkness.