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Chapter 7 CLUES

  • “This is enough! We're going to the Police!” Emma concluded with fury, not finishing the letter. Theo stared at her, dumbfounded. He massaged his forehead lightly, trying to gather his thoughts. “Theo, please. Her sister will die, or was probably dead! Didn't you get it? Rose is about to commit suicide, probably together with Me—”
  • “Wait. Wait. Hold the fuck on. What do you mean?”
  • She rolled her eyes then marched towards the wall. He didn't understand what's pasted and written on the Manila paper. She pointed on the paper that reads Exhibit #1: The Name. The right side of the paper fell loose, she tucked it in again using a gum tucker. Below Exhibit #1 is a pink post-it with MELAN written.
  • “What's all those?” he asked. Emma looked at him annoyingly, as if he was the stupidest person she ever met. He still tried to understand. At the bottom lies post-its horizontally with letters: E, S, T, H, E, R. He still didn't get it, no one ever mentioned Esther in the letter; not a name, not a place, not anything.
  • Emma finally bursted out, “You are the dumbest person I've ever met! How can you read those letters without trying to solve its mystery? If what she said was true, you can never save fucking Rose, Jack!" she nagged. Jack? It took him seconds before realizing that she humored her wrath using the Titanic movie. “Fuck I don't have much time explaning, let me call the police fi—”
  • “Whoa! Whoa! Calm down, detective. What if you were wrong?”
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