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Chapter 244 Arthur’s Forbidden Place

  • Hearing that, Aria was so embarrassed that she clenched her fist and gritted her teeth. She almost wanted to stomp up to Charlie and rip out his tongue!
  • Glancing at Aria’s clenched fists, Leo narrowed his eyes and remained silent.
  • Aria’s eyes dilated, then she inhaled and put on a gentle smile while looking at Leo. “Actually, I’m here in Riverdale City as a representative of Dane & Co. to inspect the operation of the branches. Mrs. Harrison knew I was coming to Riverdale City, and so she asked me to pass a few words to Arthur.”
  • “Is that so?” Raising a brow, Leo moved slightly toward the side of the door and stared at Aria. “Arthur is in there. Do you want to come in and talk to him in person, Miss Peterson?”
  • “It’s okay.” Aria clenched her fists again and shook her head with a smile, feigning a shy look. “I shall not go in and interrupt the gathering between you guys. I came here just to pass Mrs. Harrison’s words to Arthur.”
  • “I see.”
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