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Chapter 9

  • Right now, I’m at Adonis’ office, and he’s trying to figure out where Cole and I will meet. It’s like if I’m a girlfriend attempting to discover whether my partner is cheating. It just made me feel nauseous. After Cole and I finished talking, he was abruptly called and informed that there was an issue at their workplace. It’s inconvenient for me since that’s my only hope to ask if he knows the case about the Everdeen. I’m at Adonis’ office right now because of what happened. Isn’t that also great news? I managed to persuade Cole to join me for a meal out.
  • “Take a seat first; you haven’t even gotten that man’s phone number. You would have been conversing and inquiring where you would meet if you had taken his number to make our plan easier.” Adonis frankly stated. I felt it was a huge issue to Adonis that I did not get Cole’s phone number. For five minutes, I didn’t even speak to that man! I didn’t even put my acting skills to work!
  • But, amid my mental whining, I got a flash of insight about what he had meant! I’m not sure why I didn’t take Cole’s phone number. In that manner, I believe it will be easier for me to find information. I slapped Hugo on the back as if I was interested in what he had to say. He gave me a stern look and expressed his displeasure with what I was doing.
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