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Chapter 6

  • Lizelle’s Point of View
  • “Welcome to [Cancer Research Charity]. Our 3rd Annual Report Leadership Conference. Today, we will discuss the results of our Charity Project for this year.
  • Of course, everyone is welcome. They also encouraged people to pitch in. Individuals who wish to support and give to those people who want to live longer,” The emcee announced.
  • I was at the charity conference where Tyron intended to implement the first plan. He directed me here since this was supposed to be Lorenzo’s focus this year, assisting cancer patients so that more people could support him. Tyron suggested that to gain Lorenzo’s attention and become close to him; we should compete with what he had—to what he wanted.
  • It had been a month since they operated on my face. I think nothing has changed. The first point to mention was the eyes; they just layered my eyelids. To look more mature, they made my lower lip thick. They slightly pointed at the nose while the cheekbone was enlarged. Only my hair changed; they had replaced my formerly long black hair with white. I believed they dyed it. It was too white to the point that people who would see it thought it was just wig hair.
  • “What’s going on?”
  • The micro earpiece sounded in my ear. Tyron gave it to me so I could update him on what was happening. He claimed he couldn’t get in here, so he’d help me with what I needed to accomplish. I was unsure why and didn’t want to become involved; I wanted to focus on my vengeance.
  • He was currently in his company. After we planned the first strategy, he told me I should attend here. I was hesitant to come here at first, but if I desired revenge, I must be courageous.
  • “They are starting now. One by one, those who helped the charity are introduced.” I looked around in fear that someone would hear me. I lowered my voice as much as possible because I got in without an invitation. I also didn’t know how Tyron did it.
  • “When they give an amount about how much they donate to charity, just listen. Focus on the amount. When the donation is already high, go to the scene and show the check pad I gave you. Write the amount you need to write to get Lorenzo’s attention—” I listened intently to what he was saying as my eye focused on the stage.
  • “He’s talking.”
  • I saw Lorenzo speaking on stage, so I cut off Tyron, but I didn’t turn off the call. I went down the stairs, where I was then joined by the women, laughing and listening. When they saw me, their faces were astonished.
  • They looked at me from head to toe. I smiled at them and then took the margarita from a waiter who also turned to me. I smiled at him to thank him. My gaze also went to the front where Lorenzo was. He happily talked about charity, but it seemed like my ears throbbed every time I remembered he was the reason my family died! He took everything away from me! While drinking the margarita, I listened to his fake words.
  • "You know that my heart is close to people who are sick. Sometimes I wish I could have been a doctor or a good experimenter. I want to find a cure for people with cancer or other illnesses."
  • Everyone applauded what he said. I dropped the margarita and clapped as well. Because my hair was weird, they all looked at me because my applause seemed to be amplified.
  • When he looked at me, I did the first thing Tyron told me to get his attention.
  • Number 1: Smile at him sweetly and give him a gentle look as if you believe what he is saying.
  • When I saw him stare at me for a moment, I smiled while he was still in front of the mic.
  • Number 2: Put the runaway hairs on your ears and smile sideways to see the face's angle better.
  • I knew I looked stupid at what I was doing, but I kept going, anyway. The women next to me were also starting to whisper. I still saw a few who didn’t take their eyes off me and focused on what I was doing.
  • Number 3: Adjust the clothing and pretend that something is showing. Rub the legs and pretend it hurts.
  • Since I was standing there, I pretended my knees hurt, and they were giving up. My hair fell out when I bent down, so I put it back behind my ears. When I had finished what I had to do, I stood up straight again as if nothing had happened. Lorenzo also continued what he said; that was where the donations started.
  • “And because of this. Help me give hope to children, adults, or anyone else who still wants to see the beauty and serenity of the world. Help me show them that nothing will stop them from dreaming!” After he said that, my gaze became dark on him.
  • If only I could skin him alive now, I would. If only I could reveal what he did to my parents! If I had just enough evidence, I would show the world that he was a snake that changes skin. All of my expression disappeared when he suddenly faced me at the edge of my stare. I quickly replaced it with a smile in my eyes.
  • He had already given the emcee the mic. The show off of the rich had already begun on how much they would provide. He was standing next to the emcee as the business executives sitting at the tables began to raise checks.
  • The first to raise a hand was the old woman. Her hair was white, but she looked like one of Lorenzo’s fools. He applauded him, so everyone followed with applause.
  • “$ 50,000 for them. I want them to experience what I have experienced. I want them not to stop dreaming.” The woman sat down after she said that.
  • They donated many more until the last one was $ 300,000. I thought that was still small when used for children who have cancer. I saw no one donate big, so I pulled out the check Tyron had given me. Maybe he wouldn’t know how much I put in here, right? I hoped so...
  • I raised my hand as I was already writing the number on the check. Even though I wrote it, I still seemed overwhelmed by the number.
  • Everyone looked at me. I walked over to the emcee, then handed the check. He even widened his eyes at how much that paper contained. Lorenzo walked over to the emcee. When he saw the check, he looked at me with warm regards. The edge of his lip rose, and then the emcee moved so that he could speak.
  • “There is someone who wants to help the people we want to help. I hope she has a warm welcome for the people I have been with within the business world for a long time. ”
  • He hadn’t finished speaking when someone answered to ask. “How much did she give?”
  • Lorenzo looked there first, then at me. His grin didn’t go away. So I was encouraged that everything would be more accessible with Tyron and me’s plan. In the middle of my thought, he suddenly said how much was in the check.
  • “$1,000,000.”