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Chapter 10

  • “What should I wear?” Now I’m throwing to bed my favorite outfits. I’m undecided about what I’ll wear. Cole and I are going to meet up tonight! What if he turns off to what I’m wearing, and our plan comes to fruition? Isn’t that correct? Little things may have a tremendous impact!
  • “Just wear everything you want. Because you are so attractive, perhaps everything will work out for you.” Even though Adonis couldn’t see me, I smiled at him. On his phone, this guy is playing Candy Crush. I’m not sure why. Instead of making him laugh, it makes his robot face appear even more attractive. I was exhausted and leaned over him. His legs were crossed, and he didn’t even glance at me.
  • “Am I really beautiful?” I bumped into his back to annoy him because of what he said, but I didn’t get any other answer from him. I went to the cabinet again to search. I don’t know how I’ll fix these scattered clothes later! There are still no maids in the house. Thank God, and he didn’t let me cook for him or let me clean the mansion. I was even more troubled by no one speaking to us. Why did I ask this man here in my room just to play candy crush? I couldn’t even get an appropriate answer from him. Because I was irritated, I decided to just tease him.
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