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Chapter 23 Dangerous body weakness

  • I finally reached almost the middle of my pregnancy. I noticed some visible changes in my body, and that made me pretty worried. Almost every morning, I am throwing up yesterday's dinner, and this thing is making me pretty weak. I never thought that pregnancy could affect my body so much. Adam became even more protective towards me, and that type of change is making me pretty exhausted. I woke up like usual and ran to the bathroom because I already felt like I am going to throw up. My body can not hold food anymore. I fell on my knees in front of the toilet and started breathing rapidly. My body was trembling and shaking slightly while getting rid of rest bits off the food I had in my stomach. I am not sure if I can handle this pregnancy if my body keeps fighting with me. I got up weakly and saw a maid walking inside of the bathroom. It's Ella.
  • -How are you feeling? - Ella asked.
  • -I am feeling pretty weak. - I said and sighed.
  • -Let me help you to get in a bed. - Alya said while helping me to stand up.
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