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Chapter 47

  • Charlie was outside at the lawn, she was talking to Charlotte as they sat on the white bench. It was a typical afternoon in a small town like Bluebridge, where people spend their time together just talking, sipping tea or taking an afternoon walk along the pathways. Some spend it at the lake or on a picnic at the grassy field. He'd miss all those things, he'll remember it as his hometown. Bluebridge will be a place where he'll probably visit once a year and less often with each passing year.
  • He was watching them from inside. Her smile was infectious, he smiled just looking at her smile. 'Cried for months' her mother said. She really did love him, something he still has a hard time believing. He was going to be better this time, he can't slip up again. Whatever it takes to keep her in his life, he will do it.
  • He stepped out of the front door. Charlie waved at him to come and meet Charlotte. "This is my boyfriend Tom ... this is Charlotte, my sister," she said the word 'boyfriend' and he was floating. They talked for a while to let Charlotte know about their plans. She was torn with the idea of separating from Charlene for the whole summer, but then she gave her a big warm hug of blessing before she went inside and left them alone.
  • "How was it?" she asked.
  • He tilted his head to one side, "She was definitely graceful ... threatened to kill me without saying a single word of threat ... your mom is incredible," he answered.
  • Charlie was silent for a moment, and then she hooked her arm around his and pulled him away across the lawn. "Okay ... remind me to never leave you alone with my mom ever again." Tommy laughed.
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