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Chapter 27 Impossible

  • Hailey
  • After what happened, Alex hasn’t spoken a word to me. I wondered if he was still angry, or just didn’t have anything to say, but I couldn't do anything.
  • It was 6 in the morning and I just didn’t want the day to start. From now, I will have to go to the company to manage the papers and other things.
  • Time seems to pass by quickly now. It was like only a minute before it turned to 6:30 and only a few minutes till it was 7:30.
  • I could hear voices from downstairs. I finally woke up and after getting fresh, went downstairs. 
  • I looked at Alex and his tensed face. I didn’t speak a word because I didn’t wanna get scolded. I saw Summer coming and kept the lunch on the table in front of our couches.
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