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Chapter 11 Birthday

  • Hailey“Did you forget your birthday too?” he asked me. Oh fuck, really? like really? I forgot my own birthday! “O-oh seems like”he laughed. “Well, it’s okay. Now we’re gonna celebrate your birthday”I smiled. Yes! It is gonna be so much fun. Maybe I will make new memories and forget what happened today anyway. “Yeahh” I replied. The car started and the speed was good. I was enjoying the scenes that went by. It looked so beautiful. My life was going smoothly and it was good. I know that it is not a good sign, what happened today but anyway I do think that maybe it was some prank. I mean, he never gave any explanation... but I don’t know. I just can’t jump to the conclusion that he is acting. I trust him, after all we are married for two years. and maybe one year wasn’t so beautiful, only I know how much I loved the last year of my life. The car stopped after sometime. “Close your eyes”I closed my eyes on his words. I don’t know where we are but I am so excited! this is gonna be so much fun. I know I am acting like a child, but yeah I am so excited for this. “Can I open them now?” I asked him. “Nah”I smiled. He is so cute. I felt the door beside me opening and then he pulled me out of the car. I smiled and kept my eyes closed. He was holding my hand and I heard the door being closed. He dragged me by my hand and I followed him. “When will I open my eyes?” I asked him. “Now”I opened and he was standing with a smile on his face. It was not a genuine smile again. It was evil. Fuck. NNot again. “Robert?” I asked him. He came closer and I took a step back. I realised there was a door behind me, so I hit the door. “Robert where are we!?” I asked him. “Somewhere you will regret being at”“W-What? Robert, what is wrong with you!?” He looked at my lips and smirked. “Nothing babe”“get away”he smirked again and picked me up in his hands. I yelled at him but he didn’t listen, he opened the door and went inside. I realised we were at an abandoned house. It was dark inside. The door was creaking, as if in horror movies. I was terrified. If there was no ghost here, then he would definitely kill me. If he will not kill me, then I will die myself because I have nyctophobia and I am scared of the dark. He took me inside and threw me. Fortunately, I landed on a bed. He turned on the lights and sat down on one of the chairs. I sat up and wanted to get up, if possible. “You know you shouldn’t get up if not told so”I sat down. I will follow his orders, I think. “Robert, what happened to you?” I asked him, my breath shattered. “D-Don’t change again”“Well” he got up and came to me. “I have something for you”I looked at him scared while he went to one of the corners and took out a case from one of the drawers. He brought it to me and stood in front of me. “Guess what’s there?” I took a deep breath. “Just tell me”He smirked and bent down. I looked at him with fear-filled eyes and he opened the case. I was terrified when I saw it. IIt was a gun. He took it out and kept the case on the floor. “You know, I love guns” he looked at me and into my eyes. I think he knew about the fear because he smirked, “And I love shooting them”My breath shattered. “R-Robert”“What babe?” “Keep it down” I whispered. “Please”“Are you scared?” he whispered back and laughed. “God Hailey. You are such a coward”“I-I... Robert, what is wrong with you! When did you change again!?” He traced my face with his gun and got up. i remembered him doing this earlier too. It felt as if my head was getting heavy. I do know what happened. I do remember it but I think that the memories are blur in my mind. But when it is all happening again, they are becoming clear and real and it is hurting my head. “You know Hailey, I can do anything to you and you wouldn’t be able to stop me. No one will hear anything because this place is isolated” he smirked at me. I went a little back on the bed. “Y-Yeah I know but I hope you won’t”“I won’t” he got away. “I brought you here for a reason”I looked at him confused. “Come here”I slowly got down off the bed and then came to him. He went towards the window and looked out. I looked out too. “I have a work I want you to do”-------
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