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Chapter 23 Making a Baby

  • He stared at the wriggling woman who was face down on the bed. Her hands tugged at the ropes keeping her tied to the headboard. Her legs weren't tied but they were spread at the moment and he could see that no matter what she might have said in the beginning, her dripping little c*nt was proof enough that she wanted him to do this, wanted him to take her.
  • And he needed the release. He needed to hear her begging for it. Moaning like a whore, creaming on his c*ck, as she squealed out her pleasure. And having her at his mercy, so she couldn't stop him after that initial orgasm... he couldn't wait to feel her milking his c*ck of all his c*m.
  • "You look so pretty all tied up with nowhere to go, baby."
  • She turned her head some, glaring at him and mumbling threats into the ball gag he'd popped between her lips earlier. Not that he didn't love the cursing and the screaming... but the muffled cries made him so hard.
  • "And you're so wet for me. I bet I could diddle that little cl*t a couple times and have you dripping c*m on my fingers. Do you want that? Do you want me to make your p*ssy c*m?"
  • Another glare, tinged with lust, was sent his way and she struggled against the ropes again. He just chuckled and crawled up the bed. He saw her tense up, her body completely rigid. His fingers wrapped around her ankles and he spread her legs wide, pushing them up as well, until she was on her knees, both her holes open to his gaze.
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