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Chapter 40

  • ZAVIER [Zero]
  • I concluded at the fourth day after my call with that assh0le Morris that I've had enough of seeing her sad.
  • Especially this morning, when I reached for her on the bed to draw her into my arms, that look of sheer sadness was very look was stark and blatant.
  • Of course, it disappeared when I started kissing her and making her feel so fvcking good, but that is besides the point. It had been there, that's what the fuck matters.
  • I don't know much about women, if not the things I learnt from being with her. In this case, I draw a fvcking blank.
  • And so, I dressed up and took off to the street to find her some woman to for her to talk to. Like dumb Morris said, it might be a woman thing.
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