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Chapter 35

  • "Oh God. I know I have sinned against you. I'm so ashamed to knell before you because I'm living in sin. Zavier is a man that bathes in sin. I know it's so selfish of me to still come and beg for this, but you are my only refuge. I don't know any other God or man." I said after two hours of kneeling and praying.
  • "Please, protect him. Save him and Morris. If it's too much for him, send him help. Please, bring them back safely." I spoke more words of prayer, the sound of the ticking clock was loud in the night.
  • I lost count of how much time that passed as I prayed. Eventually, I fell asleep kneeling there, with my upper body resting on the bed and in the middle of a worship song.
  • ZAVIER [Zero]
  • Felaray's men surrounded me. I blinked hard to see clearly. Damned bastard just ambushed us.
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