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Chapter 9 Calm before the storm

  • ‘She really came. But this sure feels nice. How long has it been since I got this close to her?’, Shaun thought while his head is being hugged by his ex-girlfriend.
  • Lub dub lub dub lub dub! Shaun can clearly hear Sarah’s frantic heartbeats. ‘I see. She’s really terrified of me. But she still came. Well, I guess that’s a given since someone will surely notice the sounds made by my body’s headbanging.’
  • Although Shaun felt warm when Sarah came to calm him down, the problem now is what comes afterward. ‘Will I really be having sex with Sarah? What am I going to tell her and Rose after? Damn it. My perfectly normal life is starting to get messy; can’t the universe stay still? What did I do to receive this kind of treatment from the universe?’
  • Shaun peacefully rested his head on Sarah’s chest. Unexpectedly, sniffing her heavenly scent and drowning in the comfortable feeling of being held on her huge soft chest made him extremely relaxed as he slowly closes his eyes.
  • ‘Good morning Mommy. Rise and shine!’, Sharah energetically greeted her mom who’s still asleep. The mother opened her eyes and smiled at her daughter. ‘Good morning baby. You can try waking up Daddy in the other room, let me sleep for a few minutes, okay?’ The adorable kid nodded and excitedly went to the other room.
  • Shaun was already awake and went to see his ex-girlfriend and daughter. He met his daughter by the time he opened his door then hurriedly picked her up and kissed her cheek.
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