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Chapter 8 I can't resist

  • The mother and daughter slept right away. They must have been pretty exhausted about the whole safari adventure that they had. Shaun in the other room waited for the clock to hit 11 PM. Although he assured Rose, Sarah, and especially himself, he can’t help but be afraid of having a manic episode without Rose beside him.
  • Now that he is able to stay conscious every time it attacks, it made him even more terrified. The prospect of sexually interacting with another woman aside from Rose when an episode manifests became Shaun’s worst fear of the day.
  • He stared at the watch on his wrist intently. The clock had its shorthand almost on 11 and the long hand started to reach 60.
  • Ten, nine, eight, seven, six... three, two, one! 11 PM!
  • ‘Damn it... Argh! How can this happen? I thought that I am happy enough to not have an episode.’, Shaun screamed inside his head as he noticed that he already curled in pain.
  • Boom! Thud! Bang! Bang! 'Sarah!' 'Ellen!' 'Flor!' Bam!
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