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Chapter 7 Spend the night

  • The trio enjoyed the rest of the safari activities. After hours of watching and observing different animals and taking pictures with them, the little girl finally felt tired.
  • ‘It is a good thing that it did not rain or else our daughter will not enjoy that much. But God, this little girl is so heavy. (Chuckles)’, Shaun told Sarah while carrying his sleeping child.
  • ‘I agree. No kid will not be tired after that tour. She really liked everything that you showed her today. I am now afraid that she will choose you if ever that she will be asked who to be with. HAHA.’, Sarah replied while smiling.
  • ‘Nah. She will still choose you. But you should smile more. I am sure that other guys will fall for you easily if you smile more often.’, Shaun said.
  • Sarah suddenly frowned and angrily replied –
  • ‘Hey. Why do you keep on bringing that up? I said that I am fine. I don’t need someone to complete my life. My daughter is enough for me. But if that’s what you think, then that would be your problem. No wonder you were miserable in the past.’
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