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Chapter 6 Beautiful yet scary

  • ‘I understand. So, I am the only one who is overthinking huh. Well, we should talk about something else. It has been a long time since I heard from your family. How are they? Did they say anything about our situation? Why did they let you inherit the pharmacy chains this early? Are they okay?’, Shaun changed the topic.
  • ‘They are fine. I am the one who asked them to do it. I want to get used to it at the earliest time because I have a daughter now. I want to give her the best things in the world.’
  • ‘I see. Are you still angry about my decision? About having Rose as my girlfriend on the first day of my recovery? I heard that you are close with Rose. Can you tell me what you really feel? I want to explain if there’s something I can explain. You did not pry even for a second after hearing what happened.’
  • ‘We have long broken up so I am not angry in the slightest. As long as you are a loving father to my daughter, then I won’t bother with you.’
  • ‘Sarah. Why are you so cold to me? Can you at least treat me as a friend? Our daughter did not ask anything about our behavior yet but what will I answer if she asks? Will I say that you are being forced to accompany me, out of moral responsibility or pity?’
  • ‘Shaun. Don’t stress yourself out. Just chill, okay? What brought this on? I thought we are okay being this way. If you want me to be responsive towards you then fine. It is not like you will bite.’
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