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Chapter 5 To the safari

  • Shaun was true to his words because they finished making love around 3 AM. They fell asleep soundly after.
  • 8 AM . . .
  • ‘Babe. I will be going first. My daughter will nag at me if I got there late. Would you like me to make your coffee before I go?’, Shaun asked Rose who looks like a fairy with her eyes closed.
  • Rose replied with her eyes still closed, ‘I am fine babe. You can go. Just send my regards to Sarah and that little angel. I am still tired. Take care.’
  • ‘Thanks, babe. Just chill out today, I will be back around 7 PM. Just call me if something comes up. I love you.’, Shaun replied and kissed her cheeks.
  • Shaun hurriedly went to his house which just a few steps from Rose’s. Their living arrangement has been the same since his recovery. They will sleep together in their houses in alternating order. But mostly, Shaun wanted to sleep in Rose’s house because it is full of her heavenly scent.
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