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Chapter 4 Till daybreak

  • ‘What?!’, Shaun got so flustered about Rose’s sudden question.
  • They both stopped and sat down facing each other while their legs are crossed at each other.
  • ‘Is that what you really want? Or are you asking that because you feel that my words are not enough?’, Shaun asked again.
  • ‘I was just thinking about the possibility. I am not saying that because I want insurance. I love you even if nothing changed. I was only trying to know what you think about it.’, Rose reddened as she spoke.
  • Shaun sighed and replied in defeat-
  • ‘I owe you so much, Rose. You have been there for me when I was at my darkest. You received everything from me that might be considered a sin to others. I love you too. But do you really think that we can take care of a baby these days? How about this, let’s talk about this topic once we get home from vacation. I can understand what you are saying, it’s just that there is so much in store for us. I want to give you the best life. We will get there in time. Please be patient with me, okay?’
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