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Chapter 3 Give me a child

  • Ellen Cross, the woman who Shaun loved deeply; the cause of his downfall; the woman that he doesn’t want to remember.
  • A look of anger was shown on Rose’s face when she read the text messages from her Big Sis Ellen. She understands that Ellen and Shaun had history but the most important thing to remember is that she caused Shaun to be in a dark place for a long time.
  • As his girlfriend, Rose will always protect Shaun. She hurriedly deleted the text messages and blocked the phone number.
  • She went to the dining area like nothing happened and said to Shaun-
  • ‘Babe. I may have to change my phone number. A lot of scammers and unknown numbers text my number. It is annoying.’
  • ‘Sure. Those guys are just plain annoying. I don’t know why they bother to do that. Just make sure to let our close friends and partners know your new phone number.’, Shaun replied.
  • ‘By the way babe, I suddenly have an idea. Why don’t we have a week of vacation with them in my country? I really wanted you to meet my parents who adopted me for a long time now.’, Rose suddenly suggested.
  • After contemplating for a few seconds Shaun replied-
  • ‘That’s a good idea. It may be time for my daughter to visit other countries. After all, I promised to bring her to the best places. We need to make sure to add Enchanted Hall as one of our stops. I am sure that Sharah will like it there.’
  • Rose smiled and hurriedly called the others. After long minutes of talking to the other girls, Rose said that they should be able to go 2 days from now.
  • ‘Babe. I know that we don’t talk much about my relationship with my daughter and her mother. But I want to hear from you. Are you really okay with everything? What do you want to do? I know that you don’t want to stress me so you might have apprehension in voicing your opinions. Don’t worry, we are equals in this relationship. I will do my best to make you happy.’, Shaun suddenly asked Rose.
  • Rose did not expect that he will ask her about it. They indeed avoided this topic for so long.
  • ‘Honestly. I find it awkward. You have a book published with the girls that you made love with in the past. If you ask me if I am jealous that I am not included there, then it is a yes. Any of those women are beautiful and sexy. I can even say that based on the book, Sarah has a big spot on your heart. She was your first love after all. And now that you have a child with her, I can’t help but feel threatened. I am afraid that I will lose you.’, Rose replied with teary eyes.
  • Shaun already knows that Rose has restrained thoughts about the topic but he did not imagine that Rose felt that way. He thought that she only has concerns about his arrangement with the time he is spending with his child.
  • ‘I am sorry babe. I did not know that you carry that in you. I love you so no need to feel threatened. And about the book? Think of it this way, those women are all in the past, you are mine now. You can’t be included in the book because I feel that you are my true love. If it makes you feel better, do you want to know a little secret about me and our first meeting?’, Shaun said as he hugged Rose’s head and rested it on his chest.
  • Rose got intrigued right away because she thought that everything about Shaun’s past is already open especially after writing the book.
  • ‘You better not con me. Let me hear about it then.’, she replied in anticipation.
  • ‘Okay. Remember the part in the book where I was in a relationship with Flor? I said that I have a bad feeling about myself so I went to see a doctor, right? Well, initially, I thought that the doctor would be middle-aged or an elderly one but I was shocked to see it was a young, beautiful, and very sexy doctor instead. If I remember it clearly, her name was Dr. Rose Mitzva. After seeing her, my body reacted strongly and showed that she already affected me in some way. Don’t say that it is lust yet!
  • After our conversation, I convinced myself that people like her are not true doctors. I did not believe the initial observation that she had for me. But as time passed by, I will think of her beautiful face frequently. I did not think of it as infatuation because she was my doctor. I believed that I am thinking of that doctor only because of what she advised me to do so.
  • Then you know that rest. I initially did not want our professional relationship to be disturbed. But when you said that you had let me fuck you when I had that episode, I got afraid. I did not want to be a monster that will ravage you from time to time. I got afraid of myself. I did not want to implicate you. So, that’s why I left.’, Shaun explained.
  • Rose looked like she has question marks on her face and asked, ‘So, what’s the little secret?’
  • Shaun smiled and put his mouth beside her right ear then whispered-
  • ‘We were already meant for each other by the time that we met. You are the cure to a disease which is me. It may sound cheesy, but I do love you. So, don’t ever think less of yourself just because of some silly book, okay?’
  • She nodded and hugged Shaun tightly. Shaun slightly bowed his head down and whispered again, ‘Babe, saying all of that made me horny. Can we take a shower together?’
  • Rose became bashful and pinched Shaun’s side. But she still got convinced by him.
  • As expected, they made love for who knows how many times inside the bathroom. The couple still has a lot of energy. They are currently in the sixty-nine position in the bathtub. Rose’s moans and gasps alternated as Shaun licked her pink slit. She suddenly asked out of the blue-
  • ‘Babe. How about if you give me a child?’