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Chapter 12 Prince Willard

  • ‘It is boring for you to read it because you know what already happened. But if you really insist then I’ll provide one for you when we go on vacation 3 days from now.’, Shaun went inside his car and winked at Sarah.
  • It was already 11 AM when Shaun arrived at his house. Rose hurriedly visited him and sweetly prepared food for him. As expected, the plan for their vacation at Rose’s place in her home country got pushed through. Dianne asked for a week’s leave for that matter in Vulcan. Sarah on the other hand informed her parents of the vacation and they were assured that their daughter already made sure that everything is sorted out for a week of their pharmacy business.
  • Shaun and Rose on the other hand already had their schedules free since last week. Shaun’s publishing company can run smoothly as he had hired a competent manager name Kharl Cross. Rose has many psychiatric doctors and mental health professionals employed at her clinics so she can also take a week off.
  • The day of their flight to Rose’s country . . .
  • ‘Babe. Are you sure that your new manager is not in any way related to Ellen?’, Rose eyed her boyfriend while waiting for Dianne, Sarah, and her daughter at the airport.
  • Shaun smiled at her and confidently said that he doesn’t care if the guy is related to Ellen or not. He said that Kharl has off-the-charts qualifications so he hired him. As long as he is not being harmed or the people around him, he doesn’t mind hiring anyone of Kharl’s caliber.
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