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Chapter 11 Acceptance

  • Sarah unexpectedly had the courage to accept the fact that she really suffered enough after recalling what her mother said. She was starting to regret the decision of associating herself and her daughter with the man who betrayed her.
  • ‘But Mother is right. We fight for what or who we love. The only thing that I don’t agree with is fighting for a person that already chose another. I have suffered for a long time; I am already numb to it.’
  • Sarah kept on telling herself that she won’t associate herself closely with the man in front of her. But her body thinks otherwise. She stared at the huge erect life rod she is holding and that made her think-
  • ‘I could be selfish sometimes, right?’, she started to slide her hand on Shaun’s dick thinking that the guy won’t wake up.
  • A lot of things ran on Sarah’s mind but she can’t deny that she really missed doing something like that to the man she loves. She comforted herself again, ‘I am doing this to make sure that his episode completely vanishes. If he wakes up noticing what I am doing, I will just make an excuse that I needed to do this to calm him down.’
  • Sarah abruptly stopped what she was doing. She felt that something will surely happen that she will regret if she continued. Even the warmth she was feeling almost completely clouded her judgment.
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